Platinum/Palladium (PtPd) printing


This most archival of photographic printing processes has resulted in some of the most valued prints in the history of photography. For good reason – beautiful tonality, subtle chromatic presence, high detail, handmade, very long tonal range all are hallmarks of a well-made PtPd prints.


Your project is important to me. Whether you are making one small print or 100 large prints. Respect for you, your work, your vision, and the process itself are quintessential. I offer standard pricing for standard printing as well as reasonable pricing for more demanding custom proofing and printing. Your aesthetic, not mine, is the point of doing this.


Here are a few of my standard printmaking fees using 20%Pt + 80%Pd:

     8×10 image on up to 11×15 paper – $100/per

     8×12 image on up to 11×15 paper – $120/per

     11×14 image on up to 15×20 paper – $195/per

     16×20 image on up to 20×24 paper – $420/per

     Rush fee of $50/order (rush is a relative term in hand printmaking)


There is no set-up fee, even for small orders. If your digital image files need more pre-negative digital image preparation, for whatever reason, you will be called first about likely additional charges or options. This is a highly calibrated workflow in order to capture your intention in every print.


“After much research I found a master printer I could work with personally”

Clyde Butcher 2019