Creative Lithography

Workshop with Jeff Sippel

Creative Lithography

June 15-19, 2020

Limited to 8

Gallery of Jeff’s prints.

New! Yet another great choice of ink for much safe lithography

Creative Lithography is the past due update to Alois Senefelder’s innovation, stone lithography. Consider this the post stone-age (literally) approach to this beautiful, dry paper, printing process. Lithography is known for its ability to convey the direct marks of an artist in repeatable prints. Beautiful tonality, subtle to lush colors, an efficiency in making multiples are all hallmarks of lithography. Unfortunately, stone lithography is also hallmarked by toxicity, difficulty, high skill, and complexity. With many recent innovations, the last statement needs no longer be the case, especially for you if you take this workshop. Jeff has been brilliant in detoxifying this wonderful medium.

Jeff has been teaching lithography most of his life. In the early years, he received his training at Tamarind, later returning as Tamarind’s master instructor of professional (master) printers. That, of course, was all on stone. Since joining the faculty at MakingArtSafely, Jeff has thrown himself into alternatives to toxic stone lithography. Now, like every other printmaking process before lithography to go through the non-toxic transformation litho is now simpler, faster, safer. Lithography can now be practiced with fewer specialized tools, equipment in less space using many fewer chemicals. Did I mention at a lower cost than on stone?

Using primarily gorgeous acrylic inks, the primary approaches taught in this workshop are Mokulito – Japanese wood plate lithography, polyester plate lithography, photo-plate lithography, and waterless lithography. Each allows marks and tones to be created differently, honoring the mark of the hand as well as incorporating other approaches to creating marks and images.

Modern Lithography processes are also among of the finest processes for making well-registered multi-plate, multi-color editions. If you are a painter, a photographer, a printmaker, a pencil or ink person you may conclude Modern Lithography is the missing link in your art making repertoire.

Jeff Sippel was an early Tamarind trained printer who returned to lead the training of a generation of lithographers. Those who have experienced studying with him end up with a real affection for Jeff. Some consider themselves diSippels (pronounced like disciples). He is salt of the earth, generous and funny.

What’s Included

In addition to the instructors’ free of charge banter and teaching, the course includes enough aluminum plates to do all waterless techniques demonstrated, a good choice of wood panels for mokulito, and photo lithography plates. Of course, there is ink and some paper along with other required materials and tools. See What to Bring for additional suggestions of tools and materials.

What to Bring

Described below are additional items for Modern Lithography you may want to bring:

  • Idea source materials such as your drawings and photographs.
  • Brushes for water-based material – a variety of sizes to suit your working style. The studio has some communal brushes.
  • Collage materials – washi papers, old prints/drawings, photos, photocopied material, found materials – this is totally open to each participant; (local art stores have loads of papers)
  • Favorite drawing and mark-making materials.
  • Good hand pencil sharpener for soft leads (electric sharpener provided in the studio)
  • Large enough luggage to pack small and medium prints, with stiff protector (cardboard or matt board). Prints from this class will typically be 11×15″ and 15×20″ which should fit airline size restrictions.
  • Note your General Studio Fee is used to provide an extensive array of relevant shop needs, including: ink, ink knives, modifiers, cleaning supplies, paper towels and rags, tarlatan, newsprint, mat knives, aprons, some drawing acetates, India ink, and a thorough list of other communal creative print shop needs. What is not covered by your fees are printing paper not already included and other non-communal printing supplies.

That’s it! Any questions about supplies, please feel free to contact us.

Workshop Itinerary

  • Monday morning begins with students arriving at the studio between 9:30-10 AM.
  • Daily instruction is 10 AM to 4 PM with the studio open to students between 9:30 AM and 7 PM. Exception is Friday when the workshop ends at 4 PM.
  • Bring a lunch everyday except Tuesday when we go out Dutch for a late lunch
  • Thursday night we host a dinner in our courtyard. Companion welcome.