Camera Making: Pinholes, boxes to get out of the box

Workshop with Vaughn Wasconvich

Make personal¬†expressive cameras – one won’t be enough

August 7-1, 2017

Gallery of examples of Vaughn’s pinhole photographs

If you have visited the gallery above you already know that Vaughn is very serious about his pinhole work. I was so impressed when I met him here and looked at his images, helped him gain a new printing passion – direct to plate, so loving his energy and commitment I had to bring him back so you all could get the bug, too.

Pinhole cameras, and you did want to have many, is the box that can get you outside the box. Direct, simple and as expressive as you can get. From making your own camera to shooting to processing, each step is thoughtful and creative. Pinhole lends itself to “seeing.” In the workshop you will make 2 cameras including a 4x5 film backed sliding box camera.

Vaughn and I are still working up the General Studio Fee, which will get rolled into Registration, and What to Bring and What’s Included but we will have all the parts for cameras included in something or kit form so we get to shooting, processing and printing quickly. Film will be processed by a local lab with a quick turn around. That will all be coming quickly.

What’s Included

Camera parts for construction

Several prebuilts to borrow if your camera need a little attention

Film and paper for pinhole use

4x5 film holders

community changing bag

Reasonable processing at Visions Lab


What to Bring


Digital camera (especially with removable lens)

Laptop for preparing images to print other than as contact print.


Changing bag if you own one.

Honestly, that is about it. We will have cameras parts ready like kits.

Workshop Itinerary

details soon

  • Monday morning begins with students arriving at the studio between 9:30-10 AM.
  • Daily instruction is 10 AM to 4 PM with the studio open to students between 9:30 AM and 7 PM. Exception is Friday when the workshop ends at 4 PM.
  • Bring a lunch everyday except Tuesday when we go out Dutch for a late lunch
  • Thursday night we¬†host a dinner in our courtyard. Companion welcome.
  • If opportunity and conditions collide we may get to add a photo excursion.