Styled Photography

Workshop with Kevin Cozad and Andy Newcom

Styled Photography

June 5-9

Limited to 12

What exactly is Styled Photography? The obvious answer, commercial, can be misleading and restrictive. Styled Photography requires a fluid creativity and artist’s mind. Here is someone who comes to my mind as a great exploiter of Styled Photography –Joel Peter Witkin. Yeah, all those wild bizarre sets take a styler’s skills and an art photographer’s eye.

To immerse yourself in styled photography you must be open to serendipitous opportunities while staying thoughtful about the environment, situation, even personalities. Doesn’t hurt to feed the collector (rummager) in you either – yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, roadside trash all can end up in your work. Certainly it takes being able to collaborate and be organized to a degree, both skills that will be discussed and strategized in this workshop, but it is essential to be willing to ‘get your hands dirty with content’ to achieve the best work.

Kevin Cozad and Andy Newcom have 60 years experience between them at Hallmark.  That alone tells you so much about them: professional, accessible, giving, knowledgeable, can do.  You just know they are fluent in the language of image content, color, composition, and impact.  If I had gone looking for someone to teach this workshop, they would have been the standard I would hope for, and instead, here they are.

The large studio at MakingArtSafely will be stripped bare to make room for setups, lighting, and arrangements.  Teams of participants will take on assignments and generate full solutions under the guidance of Kevin and Andy.  Styling, whether it be formally arranged or completely relaxed and natural will enhance the varied lighting and technical aspects that will be taught during this workshop.  Whether you are an art photographer, event or commercial photographer, or blogger, you will learn a great deal about how to see and evaluate your shot even before you take it.  You will learn to keep it simple, make decisions quickly (regarding content, mood, and color), arrange, light, and shoot with confidence, knowing there is always room for exploration.

Andy grew up in a creative environment.  His dad was a graphic designer and his mom an artist and copywriter.  Andy has lived in a world of creativity, and he has an understanding of the power of creating poignant images.  His residential interior and exterior design work has been featured in national books and magazines.  Kevin has been participating in  MakingArtSafely for two decades.  In addition to his career at Hallmark, he has developed an admirable body of personal work in photography and mixed media. Kevin is a photographer proficient in use of light as an essential design element.  He is able to paint with light, creating a refined level of emotional detail to his images.

Kevin and Andy have a style of teaching that is very personal, relaxed, and fun.  They both know that with this type of open and collaborative environment, great learning can take place.

What’s Included

Props and set up materials

Lighting equipment

Presentation of assignments and critique

What to Bring

Digital camera, can include smart phone. Film simply takes too long to turn around for the purposes of this workshop.

Strongly recommend laptop with imaging software you are familiar with its working.

Portable media

Open mind

At least basic experience in digital image processing

Spare piece of luggage in case you get the rummaging bug

That’s it! Any questions about supplies, please feel free to contact us.

Workshop Itinerary

  • Monday morning begins with students arriving at the studio between 9:30-10 AM.
  • Daily instruction is 10 AM to 4 PM with the studio open to students between 9:30 AM and 7 PM. Exception is Friday when the workshop ends at 4 PM.
  • Bring a lunch everyday except Tuesday when we go out Dutch for a late lunch
  • Thursday night we host a dinner in our courtyard. Companion welcome.
  • If opportunity and conditions collide we may get to add a photo excursion.