Digital Color Portfolio

Workshop with Steve Zeifman

Digital Color Portfolio

October 7-9, 2016

Taught at Rush Creek Editions professional digital studio

Limit 6

Here is what will be covered:

File: Exposure, detail, sharpness at size, adjustments and effects, retouching, color palette, finding The Look

Media: Paper types and finishes, cloth and canvas, washi, tissue, aluminum, film and plastics, ink sets, selection

Printer: Status, maintenance and cleaning, color management circle, soft (on screen) proofing. paper proofing, duos and scraps

Materials and Studio: Deciding what is best for you, buying, essentials v nice to have, the dredded honest look at operational costs

Print: Proofing, final adjustments, density, lighting and viewing, handling, finishing, storage and delivery.

Scaling up: Identifying and conquering those issues. It’s not as simple as “just make it big!” Each participant will be involved in making a 30x40″ print of your work.

Former participant    says it better than we can – “I enjoyed a special learning experience when I attended an excellent workshop on digital printing conducted by ASMP-NM member Steve Zeifman, owner and operator of Rush Creek Editions ( Rush Creek is one of the premier digital fine art printing studios in the United States, first opened in San Francisco and Steve is a master printmaker. 

While I do most of my own printing, Steve is the person I rely on for fine-art prints when the order calls for something larger than 16″ x 20.” His Epson printers are the latest models, enabling him to print up to 64″ wide, and his quality is impeccable.

Even if you’re a skilled printer yourself, there’s still a lot to be gained by attending a workshop like this one.  For one thing, you learn how other photographers and instructors approach our craft and how they think. All of us work with the same tools, but not all of us use them alike. Nor are our workflows the same. So when word went out that Steve would be teaching a workshop for experienced amateur and professional photographers, I jumped at the opportunity, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The event covered no less than two dozen subjects from working with the original image file, to printers, ink set selection, media, printer maintenance, and the steps to achieving the ideal print. He discussed software, including Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and all of the participants went through the process of “perfecting” their images and producing a 30″ x 40″ print, which was included in the cost of the workshop. As if all of this instruction were not enough, We were treated to guest presentations by Don Messec who discussed fine art printing methods which incorporate less toxic, more environmentally sound, safer and smarter approaches.

Steve is exceedingly generous with his knowledge. Knowing that many professionals like myself are likely to continue making many of their own prints, he’s operating with the belief that if he shares his knowledge, helping us to be better at what we do, we’ll rely on his skills when our needs exceed our capabilities or the capabilities of the equipment we use. I think he’s absolutely correct, and I look forward to a long and mutually profitable business relationship.”

(4 spots available)

What’s Included

Epson color printers: 7900, 9900, 11880, 3880

A range of papers and alternative materials

Finishing tools and de-rollers

One large apx 30x40″ print per participant

What to Bring

1.  Laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop (any versions)

2.  Knowledge of Adobe software

3.  At least 6 Files (tiff/raw or psd) color images are best although at least one monochromatic 

4.  A box or folio at least 13x19 

5.  An eager sense to learn what I know….

6.  Clothes appropriate to warm days and cool to cold nights and a slight possibility of snow.

That’s it! Any questions about supplies, please feel free to contact us.

Workshop Itinerary

  • Friday morning begins with students arriving at the studio between 9:30-10 AM.
  • Daily instruction is 10 AM to 4 PM with the studio open to students between 9:30 AM and 5 PM. Exception is Sunday when the workshop ends at 4 PM.
  • Bring a lunch everyday except Friday when we go out Dutch for a late lunch.
  • Saturday night we host a dinner on our porch. Companion welcome.