It started as a simple idea, make artists’ studios and art classrooms safer healthier places for everyone. Make art safely.

It’s a living idea and the result are profound – new and highly creative processes, safer materials and practices, yet most importantly – healthier artists’ lifestyles.

First of its kind in the United States, for over 25 years MakingArtSafely has been at the forefront of developing, nurturing and teaching new studio practices which better protect artists and our environment and community. Focused on studying and developing better studio practices for artists practicing printmaking as well as photography, MakingArtSafely is an inspired idea that proves one does not have to die for their art. These principles are at the foundation of every workshop taught here.

With a world class faculty that all share MakingArtSafely’s vision of healthier studio and environment we are one of the most complete bodies of knowledge on the subject. That includes proving the work of others as well as whole new processes having been developed, taught and nurtured here such as photopolymer gravure and direct-to-plate intaglio. More are coming. Through developing relationships with manufacturers MakingArtSafely has participated in the testing and improvement of safer artists’ products like Akua Inks, photopolymer plates, as well as having developed clean up protocols currently used, to varying degrees, at so many printmaking studios around the world.